5 Myths About Soul Mate Relationships and Connections

5 Myths About Soul Mate Relationships and Connections


Myth #1: “There is only ONE soulmate for each of us out there”.

It’s important to understand that your soul is compatible with more than one other soul on this planet. Essentially, your soul is part of an energy pool that is shared among many other beings, all of whom could easily resonate well with you and be able to form a soulmate relationship. So, there isn’t just one person out there that is a perfect match for you in terms of a love relationship. That would be like saying that you can only have one good friend in your entire lifetime, which is simply not true. Sure, you can have some friends with whom you have more of a connection than others, but, chances are, you’re going to have more than one good friend in your life.


Myth #2: “Soulmate relationships last forever.”

Having met your soulmate doesn’t necessarily mean that the relationship will last until both of your physical deaths. Some soulmate relationships don’t work out, but that doesn’t mean that those relationships were wrong or useless. Certain people must enter our lives at certain points to teach us valuable lessons and contribute to our soul’s growth in some way. But they don’t necessarily have to stay in our lives forever (although, of course, some do and that’s because they continue to contribute to our soul’s growth rather than to its detriment).

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Myth #3: “Only lucky people get to be in soulmate relationships.”

Forming and maintaining soulmate relationships has nothing to do with luck! Every soulmate relationship is a carefully chosen connection of your energy (essence) to another person’s energy (essence). Calling this “luck” is almost an insult to the soul, as it gives us a loophole, an excuse as to why we can’t have a soulmate relationship. It’s a justification based on our past and/or present situation and/or what the majority says.

The fact is that finding a soulmate relationship is very much in your hands. It is up to you to get your “logical” mind out of the way and attract your soulmate. The main reason that people don’t attract their soulmates is that they have certain mental blocks that don’t allow them to engage in a soulmate relationship (because of a traumatic past, for example). Click here to learn more about how your own mind can sabotage you.


Myth #4: “Soulmate relationships only happen to the chosen few”.

As we said in debunking Myth #1, your soul is part of an energy pool that is shared among many other beings, all of whom could easily resonate well with you and be able to form a soulmate relationship. That means that every single person on earth can have thousands of soulmates! You can literally have your pick of soulmates right now! It is only a matter of finding them and putting in a little effort to maintain the relationship you form, which is what The Soulmate Guide is all about.


Myth #5: “Soulmate relationships are hard to find”.

This one is kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy. What that means is that when you hear, say, and emphasize something enough, you believe it, and the outcome turns out just like you believed. In other words, if you think, believe, or say something is hard, your subconscious mind will make you perceive it as hard. This is not only true about soulmate relationships, but just about everything in life. In the case of soulmates, if you believe they are hard to find, your mind will literally make you blind to all the potential soulmates that are out there for you. You will most likely not even see them! So, realizing that out of the thousands of soulmates you are compatible with, meeting at least a couple is quite likely, is a great first step toward attracting or learning how to find your soulmate.

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