When Will I Find My Soulmate?

When Will I Find My Soulmate?

When will I find my soulmate?” is a question a lot of people ask me because I teach the law of attraction, particularly to find love. Unfortunately, it’s not a question I can give a straightforward, quantitative answer to. As much as I hate to say it, the answer I always have to give is something like, “when the time is right”. And they always respond something like, “But what does this mean? When is the right time? When will I find my soulmate?”


Truth be told, however, no one can gauge the law of attraction in time. So, rather than focus on time, let’s focus on what you need to do to find your soulmate.

when will i find my soulmate

Next, the law of attraction asks you to imagine yourself actually having a relationship with this ideal person. Imagine you do find your soulmate–how is your life together?

But I should point out here that law of attraction can sometimes work for attracting specific individuals; however, I’d caution you from using it in such ways because there may be someone better or that person may not be who you think they are or they may be going somewhere else–whatever, it can be emotionally detrimental to get too focused on one person until you’re actually deeply involved with them. Focus on the things you want–what would a person like that be like?


That being said, in this step, you imagine you find your soulmate and then you live your life together in “first position”, which is to say “through your own eyes”; as if it’s actually happening. What is it like to kiss them? Hold them? Talk for hours? Stare into their eyes… ? etc.

As you do this step, you’ll likely find that you block yourself from enjoying it with something negative. These usually arise as something like “I’m not good enough for them” or “what if they don’t like me because of xyz?” or “I’ll never find someone like them”… Or you keep reminding yourself it’s just an imaginary thing (if so, you need to find out why you do that–and then, you’ll see the blocks). As you overcome these blocks, you’ll also overcome the beliefs, emotions, and actions that work together to keep you blocking yourself. These things are not helping you to meet your soulmate –in fact, they’re hindering your search by repelling people from you. (Particularly if you’re bitter from an old relationship, you may seem distant, cold, or “prickly”… )


 when will i find my soulmate


In other words, if you think that “you’ll never find someone like them”, then you need to find people in the world that are just like the person you imagine as your soulmate.

As you do this, you’ll either have to deny that each person is like your soulmate or you’ll eventually have to concede that there are at least a few people like that. And since you haven’t met everyone in the world, there may be more people like that out there too.

The point being here to feel and think better about yourself so that you act in a way more in line with your goals. Because the sad truth I see over and over again in life and in my work is that people sabotage themselves by thinking they can’t or shouldn’t do something more than anything else in the world. “I’m just not the kind of person that does xyz” is the most common excuse for failure–and it’s the most insidious in the dating world because people link their bad behaviors to their identity! So stop it and get over your lacks so you can be a person more worthy of love rather than letting them own you.

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